About Primary 7

Teacher: Mrs Bairner

Number of Pupils: 26

Topics: Forensics/ CSI, Black History and the Slave Trade, Japan, Chemical Reactions, Business and Enterprise (The Apprentice)

P.E. Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

RCCT: RME and French (with Mrs Street)


P7 Dates for the diary

22nd Jan - P7 Stirling Athletics Finals

29th Jan - Matinee Panto Show 1

30th Jan - Panto Evening Show 2

31st Jan - Panto Evening Show 3

Welcome to Primary 7

Every pupil in P7 has a lead role in a P7 committee and a whole school committee. P7 committees include House and Vice Captains, Panto Committee, Yearbook Committee, Playground Squaddies and P7 Events Committee. Whole school committees include Pupil Council, Eco Committee, Rights Respecting Schools, Sports Committee, Junior Road Safety Officers, Grounds Group and Techie Reps.


P7 pupils also buddy Primary 1 and help as Lunch Monitors.

Homework -

All P7 children have been provided with a homework folder and homework diary. Homework will usually be given on a Monday and due for Friday. Please check your child’s homework diary. Homework will consist of spelling, maths and reading. 


A Numeracy Support Booklet is available to help with Numeracy homework. It can be accessed on the 'Information' tab at the top of this web page.

Mrs Bairner runs a Maths Club on a Tuesday at lunchtime. Children are welcome to attend the drop-in club for homework help (every or any Tuesday).

Friday Fives - 17th January 2019

1. Ask me how to read information from a timetable in maths and how to calculate long time durations.

2. Ask me to recite my poem, 'Address to a Haggis.'

3. Ask me about the PowerPoints delivered by my classmates. Ask me what I know about inspirational people in black history.

4. Ask me about the most recent chapters / final chapters in my novel.

5. Ask me what I have been learning about in French.

Children in Need

The whole school participated in Children in Need on 15th November). As a school we raised nearly £200. We all enjoyed dressing up in our jammies for the day. We even got to play lacrosse at lunchtime and after school in our jammies.


Maryhill Park Cross Country

On 10th November, 8 Primary 7s volunteered to compete in the Maryhill Park P7 Cross Country Race against other schools. Toby achieved 1st place in the race, with Peter and Archie also in the top 10 (in 4th and 7th place). Overall the boys achieved 1st place as a team. 

Chris Hoy Velodrome Trip

On 8th November, we went to the Chris Hoy Velodrome to watch the World Cup Track Cycling. We also got to take part in a range of cycling activities and obstacle courses. It was a great day out!

P7 Science Centre Trip

We had a great day out at the Science Centre. We went to two different workshops called 'Cracking Crypography' and 'Water, Water, Everywhere.' We also went around the Science Mall and tried a whole range of different activities. Check out the photos below...

P7 Athletics Champions

On 2rd October, P7 took part in the P7 Balfron Cluster Athletics Championships at Balfron High School. We won the competition and will now go on to represent the Balfron Cluster at the Stirling Athletics competition later in the year.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

The P7 class helped to organise the Macmillan Coffee Morning. Our House and Vice Captains led the House meetings. Houses worked together to create displays for the hall. All P7s helped to serve cakes and sweet treats at the coffee morning. 

Term 1 - CSI / Forensics Topics

We have been learning about crime scene investigations and forensics. We have been learning about fingerprinting techniques, chromatography and handwriting analysis. We have also been analysing white powders. In class we set up courtroom dramas each week and the 'jury' need to decide if someone is 'guilty' or 'not guilty' of a crime using all the evidence. We have also had a visit from Dr Stevens. She brought in an actual skeleton and we worked out how to tell the gender, age and height of someone based on their skeleton. Georgia's mum is a police officer and she came in to show us how to collect DNA and how to collect vital evidence from a crime scene! Dr Torrance visited our class to tell us about her job as a forensic toxicologist and Torin's dad also visited our class to tell us about DNA and show us how to extract DNA from a banana! We also had a visit from Archie's dad and we had a workshop with a retried detective!


At the end of our topic, we had to solve a crime! Our teacher set up break-in and theft at the local Edmonstone Hall and we had to go to the crime scene to solve the case. She told us that Pasha from Strictly was doing a dance class at the hall and that someone had broken into the hall, left their fingerprints, stolen his shoes and left behind footprints and other evidence. We had to lift fingerprints and take footprint samples found in mud. We also found some crime scene evidence such as a letter, a lipstick mark, a cup of coffee and a half-eaten biscuit. Back at school, we analysed the evidence and interviewed all the suspects (our parents). Next, we had to eliminate the suspects. We thought that Jamie's mum was guilty so we brought her in for further questioning and Georgia's mum (Sergeant Conway) arrested her, as she was guilty!! We had caught the criminal!

Take a look at some of the pictures in our slideshow below...

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