About Primary 7

Teacher: Mrs Bairner

Number of Pupils: 25


Term 2 (Oct - Dec) - History's Mysteries

Term 1 (Aug - Oct) - Animals across the continents

P.E. Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

RCCT: RME and Music (with Miss Gray)


Welcome to Primary 7

Every pupil in P7 has a lead role in a P7 committee.

P7 committees include House and Vice Captains, Yearbook Committee, Playground Squaddies and the P7 Web Crew. 

House and Vice Captains will organise house events and competitions.

The yearbook committee will plan and organise the P7 yearbook.

Playground Squaddies will plan and organise playground games for the younger children.

P7 Web Crew will be responsible for writing future P7 updates on the class page of the school website.

P7 pupils also buddy Primary 1 on Thursdays.

Homework -

All P7 children have been provided with a homework folder and homework diary. Homework will usually be given on a Monday and due for Friday. Please check your child’s homework diary. Homework will consist of spelling, maths and a literacy task. 


A Numeracy Support Booklet is available to help with Numeracy homework. It can be accessed on the 'Information' tab at the top of this web page.

Mrs Bairner will run a 'maths surgery' for P7s on Wednesdays at lunchtime, This will not operate as a 'school club' and will be exclusively for P7 pupils in the P7 classroom until such time as we have permission to re-start clubs.

Friday Fives -

18th December 2020

1. Ask me how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages

2. Ask me about the skills required to deliver a good presentation

3. Ask me to show you the school Christmas Show on google classroom

4. Ask me about the 'body vocabulary' and 'colours' vocabulary in French


5. Ask me about the last few chapters of my reading book.

Term 2 - October - December

We have a busy term in P7. 

Here are just some of the learning experiences this term in P7:

Maths: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Literacy: Reading groups - Divided City, The Hobbit, The Secret Garden and Millions

Writing - linked to our class topic (History's Mysteries)

Expressive Arts and ICT: linked to class topic

Social Subjects/ STEM: History's Mysteries

Health and Wellbeing: Choices for Life / Emotion Works

P.E - Basketball and Lacrosse

RME and Music will be taught by Miss Gray on Thursdays.

Euro Quiz Champions

The P6 Euro Quiz finals were postponed due to 'lockdown'. Now in P7, the team went on to compete in the finals which were rescheduled for November 2020. We are delighted to announce that they WON the competition and are now Scottish Euro Quiz Champions 2020. Well done.

By P7 Webcrew

Children in Need Day

Every class dressed in pyjamas and donated money towards Children in Need.

History's Mysteries

In class, we are doing a topic called 'History's Mysteries'. So far we have investigated the Bermuda Triangle and the Mary Celeste. We are also doing a personal project on our brand new P7 chromebooks. As part of our project we can choose any mystery from history. We are finding out what happened, we are researching the different evidence and theories, then we are choosing our own theory based on all of the evidence. We'll present our PowerPoints to the class later in the term.

P7 Art Display - Field of Poppies

We marked Remembrance Day in P7 with a 2 minute silence. In the afternoon, we spoke about the significance of poppies. Next, we created our own watercolour paintings of poppy fields. We had to consider different tones, shades and perspective. Our watercolour paintings are on display in the corridor and the classroom.

By P7 webcrew


On Halloween, we all gathered in the playground and we danced around to music. We saw everyone's carved pumpkins on the daily mile track. Next, we had a catwalk to show off our costumes. We also did a house competition in the afternoon, called 'The Pumpkin Hunt'.

By Nathan (P7 Webcrew)

Non Fiction Books

Our class topic was about animals across the continents. We decided to make our own non-fiction animal books. We researched their day to day life, diet, predators and prey, intelligence and communication.

By Nathan (P7 Webcrew)

Term 1 - PE - Tennis

We have been working on our tennis skills. We are learning different shots such as  backhand, forehand and smash.  We have also been playing mini tournaments and rallies.

Term 1 - Animals across the Continents

We are learning about animals across the continents. We chose to do paintings of animals that were in danger or in their natural habitat. Some examples were: polar bears on cracking ice, penguins stranded on ice and koalas surrounded by bushfires.  

By Gabriel and Connor (The web crew)

Term 1 - Clay Models

We designed an animal themed product or accessory such as a stationery pot, a candle holder or a mobile phone holder. We then created our product using air-drying clay.

Term 1 - Holes

We are doing a class novel study on the book 'Holes'. We have been analysing the characters in the book. In this task, we had to use interesting words to describe the warden's character then find evidence and quotations from the book to back up our opinions.

Our Class Charter

We have been learning about the 'Rights of the Child'. We created our class charter based on our rights and our responsibilities. 

Term 1 - August to October

We have a busy term in P7. 

Here are just some of the learning experiences this term in P7:

Maths: Place Value and Rounding, Large Numbers, Integers, BIDMAS, 4 processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

Literacy: Reading - Novel study (Holes)

Writing - linked to our class novel and class topic

Talking and Listening - debate skills

Expressive Arts and ICT: linked to class topic

Social Subjects: Animals across the continents

Science: Animal adaptations, behaviour and survival

Health and Wellbeing: Emotional Health / Emotion Works

RME and Music will be taught by Miss Gray on Thursdays.

Term 1 - Maths

In maths, we are learning about written and mental methods of long multiplication. We have been doing different activities such as Tarsia challenges. In a Tarsia, you need to find a question, work out the answer and then match the question to the correct answer to form a shape or a chain. Look at the examples below.

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