About Primary 6

Teacher: Mrs McCormick


Number of children: 28


Topics: Europe, Titanic, WW2, Scotland and Burns, Science topics (Forces, Materials and Chemical reactions)

PE: Mondays and Thursdays


RCCT: Friday afternoon with Miss Gray

Friday Fives - 
Tell me:
  • What some different types of forces are.
  • What opaque, translucent and transparent mean.
  • What the differences in the structure of solids, liquids and gases are.
  • Who discovered gravity.
  • about some of the things we tried to investigate our centre of gravity.
The Euroquiz Stirling schools' heat will take place on Thursday 29th April online.  Well done to Zoe, Isla, Finlay and Cameron who are the team members.  Subs are Noah and Archie B.
Learning in term 3
In numeracy we are working on multiplication and division and will be learning to use a range of mental strategies and written methods.  We will then move on to decimals, fractions and percentages and learn how they are linked.  With fractions we will be learning about equivalence and simplifying and comparing and ordering.  We will take part in Stirling and Clackmannanshire schools Sumdog competition to help improve our mental maths.
In literacy, we will be looking at different genres of text.  Each week we will focus on a different style and do comprehension and a piece of writing in that genre.  These will include arguments, reports, persuasive texts, instructions and explanation.  Our writing will be linked to our Scotland topic.  For talking and listening, we will be preparing individual presentations on a topic of choice and presenting to the class, focussing on audience awareness.  We will also be learning 'To a mouse' by Robert Burns and will take part in a poetry recital competition.
Our topic until the February break is Scotland.  We will be learning about the geography of Scotland, the islands, culture, famous people, myths, wildlife and inventions.  We are currently working on our Science topics (materials and forces).
For Health and Wellbeing we will be learning about human anatomy including bones, organs, teeth and how the heart works.

Homework commencing week beginning 22.3.21

This will consist of:

Spelling words to practise.  (Tests on Fridays)

Mental maths skills to practise.

Allocated reading pages twice weekly.  Discussion will take place in class.

Information will be sent each week via email.

This term we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases and dissolving.  We learned about mixing substances and carried out some chemical reactions.  We also looked at which materials were transparent, translucent and opaque.  We are currently learning about Forces and have been investigating friction on different surfaces.
Grounds group
For one of the points on our action plan, Primary 5 and 6 have been
tidying up our playground.  We tidied up the stones around the daily mile path and firepit and added stones into our tyres to make them safer to play on.
As part of our topic, we have been finding out about the crew on Titanic.  We drew some pictures of the highest ranking crew members and carried out some research.  We also drew some pictures of the ship.
As part of our Titanic topic, we have been learning about buoyancy.  Primary 6 made boats and tried to make them as buoyant as possible and able to carry weight.  The winning boat was made by Silas and Harry - well done to them.
In March/April we will be developing our skills in lacrosse for our PE lessons.  So far, we have been practising throwing and catching and ground ball pick ups.
Children in need
Well done to these P6 girls for raising money for Children in Need.  They made some bracelets to sell and donated the money to the charity.
Winter art
For the whole school hall display, we were creating winter scenes.  We drew and painted a 'Robin in Winter' inspired by the Canadian artist Joyce Geleynse.
This term we have been learning handball for the first time with Neil from Active Stirling.  We have been developing our accuracy in throwing and passing.  Even the awful weather did not dampen our enthusiasm.

Planting bulbs

Primary 6 planted some bulbs in the playground which should be in bloom in the Spring.  We learned about the importance of flowers to the environment and particularly for the bumble bees.

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