About Primary 6

Teacher: Mrs McCormick


Number of children: 28


Topics: Europe, Titanic, WW2, Science topics TBC

PE: Mondays and Thursdays


RCCT: Fridays with Miss Gray

Friday Fives - 9.10.20
Tell me:
  • how to work out the perimeter and area of a rectangle.
  • how to say 3 types of weather in German.
  • some foods which originated in Europe.
  • what you liked about the book 'Wonder'.
  • about the story of Perseus and Medusa.
Learning in term 1
In numeracy we are working with numbers up to ten millions, learning about the place value of the digits and adding and subtracting 10s, 100s, 1000s etc.  We will be completing sequences, identifying multiples of 10, 10, 1000 between numbers and rounding to the nearest multiple.  We will also be estimating on a number line and learning about negative numbers.  Later in the term we will be learning about measure including weight, length, volume and area.
In literacy, we will be carrying out a novel study of 'Wonder' by R J Palaccio.  We will be looking at the use of language, discussing characters and events and doing comprehension activities.  We will compare the novel to the film at the end of term.  In writing, we will carry out pieces of work related to the novel or to our topic (Europe).  This term we will be focusing on using good vocabulary, adding detail and checking work for accuracy.
Our topic this term is Europe.  We have started looking at a map of Europe to identify the different countries and learning when they joined the European Union.  The children would like to learn about the different customs, landmarks and people from the different countries, how to say some simple phrases in different European languages and also to learn about some of the ancient Greek and Roman mythology.  Our artwork will be mostly related to our topic.
For Health and Wellbeing we will be learning about bullying (to tie in with our novel) and about building resilience.  In PE we will be working on our fitness and will also be improving our hockey skills.

Homework commencing week beginning 24.8.20

This will consist of:

Spelling words to practise.  (Tests on Fridays)

Mental maths skills to practise.

Reading books will be sent home next term with allocated pages to read.  Discussion will take place in class.

Information will be sent each week via email.

Wonder by R J Palaccio
We have been enjoying reading this book and talking about all the important issues in the story.  We have been learning about what a precept is and wrote some of our own.
As part of our topic, we plotted coordinates to make pictures of windmills (which we learned are found in Holland), and drew pictures of one of the most famous European landmarks - The Eiffel Tower.
As part of our PE lessons this term, we are developing our skills in hockey.  We have been practising dribbling, passing and shooting.
Primary 6 have started bikeability sessions, which will take place on Wednesdays for 5 weeks.  On week 1, we learned how to carry out an 'M check' of our bikes, how to mount, move off correctly (using 2 o'clock position on pedals, indictate and life saver look) and ride in a straight a line as possible.

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