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About Primary 6


Teacher:  Mrs Bairner


Number of children: 23



  • Europe

  • Titanic 

  • Japan / John Muir Award

  • CSI

  • Dragons Den (Enterprise)

PE: Tuesdays and Thursdays in Term 3


RCCT: Mrs Walker will cover RCCT on Tuesday mornings. In P6, Mrs Walker will teach STEM, French and Handwriting.

Friday Fives - 24th March

1. Ask me about the most recent chapters of our class novel, Kensuke's Kingdom.

2. Ask me how to find the area of a compound shape, the area of a triangle and the perimeter of a shape with missing values.

3. Ask me about my personal PowerPoint presentation for our Japan topic.

4. Ask me about my favourite part of our Japan topic this term.

5. Ask me which activities I will be doing at Ardroy and what I am looking forward to.

Term 3 (January to April)

We have had a very busy Term 3 in Primary 6. Look at some of our photographs and information below to find out more.

Ardroy Residential Trip

Monday - Today Group F took part in Jacobs Ladder and Group G did the climbing wall. Both groups did Nightline and Labyrinth in the evening. We had to make our beds and do some 'community tasks' such as setting the dinner tables. We loved our first day at Ardroy! 

Tuesday - Today, one of the groups did abseiling and rafted canoeing. The other group did an adventure walk and woodland skills. After dinner, we did the Ardroy Quiz scavenger hunt outdoors.

Wednesday - Today, Group F took part in the climbing wall and an adventure walk during the day. Group G went out for their adventure day. This evening, both groups merged to take part in night orienteering. Another fantastic day at Ardroy!

Thursday - Today, Group F had their full adventure day combined with some woodland skills activities. Group G took part in Jacobs ladder followed by rafted canoeing. In the evening both groups participated in an outdoor art activity with natural materials.

Check out some of our photos below.

More photos can be found on Ardroy's Flickr page

P6 Euroquiz Winners!

On 24th March, the P6 Euroquiz team won the Stirling round of the Euroquiz competition. The team has been working very hard during the lunchtime Euroquiz club with Mrs Bairner and at home to learn lot of facts about Europe. The team will now go on to represent Stirling at the Euroquiz Finals which will be held at the Scottish Parliament in Term 4.


Lacrosse Winners

On 20th March, our school lacrosse teams participated in the Open and Unders Central Regional Lacrosse Tournament. They won all of their matches. The Unders team will now go on to compete in the Scottish Lacrosse Tournament in Dumfries in Term 4. The after school lacrosse club will continue weekly with Mrs Bairner.