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About Primary 6


Teacher:  Mrs Bairner


Number of children: 23



  • Europe

  • Titanic 

  • Japan / John Muir Award

  • CSI

  • Dragons Den (Enterprise)

PE: Mondays and Thursdays


RCCT: Mrs Walker will cover RCCT on Tuesday mornings. In P6, Mrs Walker will teach STEM, French and Handwriting.

Term 2 (October to December

Here is our plan for Term 2 in Primary 6. with Mrs Bairner.


Reading: Group Novels 

Writing: Writing tasks this term will link to our cross curricular topic, Titanic. 

Maths: Long multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Cross Curricular Topic: Titanic

ICT: Data- handling and graphs (linked to Titanic topic and maths)

Music: P6 will work with the music specialist on Tuesday afternoons.

Drama: P6 will lead the whole school Christmas Show on 16th December. P6 will take on all acting roles.

Art: Art activities will link to our Titanic topic.

PE: Volleyball and Scottish Country Dancing

RME: Advent (Christmas) and the Nativity Story (linked to drama)

Health and Wellbeing: Internet Safety

STEM, French and Handwriting: This will be covered during RCCT with Mrs Walker (on Tuesday mornings)

Friday Fives - 11th November

1. Ask me about the most recent chapters of my group novel.

2. Ask me about Life in 1912 including life in a 'Big House', occupations in 1912 and life as a servant.

3. Ask me about the spreadsheet and graph I created in maths about the passengers on the Titanic. Ask me to explain what the graph shows.

4. Ask me about my experience as a Nursery Buddy.

5. Ask me about the timeline I am working on with my group.

P6 - Building Bridges Challenge

We worked in teams to design and build bridges. We were challenged to build a bridge that could hold up to 2kg. Some groups managed to build a bridge that could hold much more than that!

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