About Primary 6

Teacher: Mrs McCormick


Number of children: 29


Topics: Europe, Titanic, WW2, Scotland and Burns, Science topics TBC

PE: Mondays and Thursdays


RCCT: Fridays with Miss Gray

Friday Fives - 18.12.20
Tell me:
  • what some of the different ways to open sentences are.
  • what buoyancy is.
  • some Christmas vocabulary in French.
  • some Christmas traditions from around the world.
  • the best way to work out 905 - 897.
Christmas show by video
The pupils will watch the video on Thursday afternoon (17th December) in school and it will subsequently be made available to parents via Google classroom.
The final test will take place on Friday 18th December and the team will be chosen.  A provisional date for the competition is set for 19th March.
Learning in term 2
In numeracy we are finishing off working with measure, particularly weight and capacity.  We will then move on to addition and subtraction, learning how to use a range of mental strategies and written methods.  We will be carrying on with learn its, safe and clic challenges.
In literacy, we will be reading for information through our topic, using skimming and scanning, looking for key words and researching information.  In writing, we will start the term with imaginative writing, making a short book about a wizard and then will be writing functional pieces related to our topic.   This will include a newspaper article, a balanced argument, instructions and a letter.  For each style of writing, we will be learning about what should be included and using relevant language.  For talking and listening, we will take part in some class debates using correct terminology and methods.
Our topic this term is Titanic.  We will be learning about the building of the ship, where and when it sailed, the crew and passengers, the layout and facilities and who and or/what contributed to the demise of the ship.  Our Art and ICT will be linked to the topic too.
For Health and Wellbeing we will continue our work through Emotion Works and will also follow the Feel Think Do program which teaches pupils about risk taking and keeping themselves safe.  PE will be outside for the forseeable future and this term we will be working on tennis and netball skills.

Homework commencing week beginning 26.10.20

This will consist of:

Spelling words to practise.  (Tests on Fridays)

Mental maths skills to practise.

Allocated reading pages twice weekly.  Discussion will take place in class.

Information will be sent each week via email.

P6 Christmas party
We had a great time at our party dancing and playing games.  We danced to Flying Scotsman, Virginia Reel, Macarena and Cha Cha Slide.  We played pass the parcel, corners and musical arms.  We also had a dancing competition and a lip syncing competition and stopped for some food half way through.
As part of our topic, we have been finding out about the crew on Titanic.  We drew some pictures of the highest ranking crew members and carried out some research.  We also drew some pictures of the ship.
As part of our Titanic topic, we have been learning about buoyancy.  Primary 6 made boats and tried to make them as buoyant as possible and able to carry weight.  The winning boat was made by Silas and Harry - well done to them.
Primary 6 have now finished bikeability sessions.  Well done to everyone for passing level 1.
Writing wizard stories
We have completed our wizard stories and our books are now bound.  Parents will have a chance to read these when they are sent home next term.
PE in term 2
This term we are working on tennis skills and netball/basketball skills.
In tennis we have been practising forehand, backhand, volleys and smashes.  We have been doing lots of rallies.  In netball, we have been working on different types of passes and shooting.
Children in need
Well done to these P6 girls for raising money for Children in Need.  They made some bracelets to sell and donated the money to the charity.
Winter art
For the whole school hall display, we were creating winter scenes.  We drew and painted a 'Robin in Winter' inspired by the Canadian artist Joyce Geleynse.
Christmas Play
This year Primary 6 were filming their Christmas Show, which has been a huge amount of work.  The children have been fantastic learning their lines, working on props and showing great acting skills.  Here are some pictures of the pupils in their costumes.

Planting bulbs

Primary 6 planted some bulbs in the playground which should be in bloom in the Spring.  We learned about the importance of flowers to the environment and particularly for the bumble bees.

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