About Primary 5

Teacher: Miss Allen

Number of Children: 27

Topic: Famous Scots

P.E. Days: Wed and Fri


RCCT: Mrs Street (Mon am)



Please bring a filled water bottle every day to stay hydrated!

Maths Challenges 

Every week will do a Clic challenge (focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), a Learn It challenge which is a timed 100 second challenge to answer addition and multiplication questions and also a Safe Challenge which focuses on time, fractions, measurements, graphs etc. To move up you need to get three perfect scores. Everyone is working at their own level. When people move up we will celebrate their achievements as a class and their name will go on our class webpage for the week. 


Clics: Archie N., Archie B., Abbie and Eloise

Safes: Sean, Harry, Finlay M., Archie N., Archie B., Finn, Sam and Findlay

Learn Its: Eloise, Zoe, Milly, Lewis, Patrick, Finlay and Finn

Friday Fives 

Here are 5 questions you can ask me about my learning:

1) Ask me how I am doing on my safes, Clics and Learn its. 

2) Ask me about my descriptive writing and what my language target is. 

3) Ask me which group I have chosen for the Science presentations and what we are working on. 

4) Ask me how I am getting on with 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication.

5) Ask me about my Kiwiana picture.

Perfect Spelling Club

Well done to this week's perfect spellers! 


We have been writing our own tunes in Music using B A and G. We had to think about how to make three beats in a bar and all the different combinations that we could make. We then played them to each other and gave each other advice. 

P5 Athletics Champions! 

Well done to everyone in Primary 5 who worked so hard on their athletics events to go on and win the Stirling Schools Event. It was an exciting day as our class came first or second in almost all the races and we could see that they were doing very well in the field events too. Apparently we were neck and neck with Bridge of Allan for the first part of the day but Strathblane pulled it out the bag in the second. We are very proud of all their hard work and determination.  

Scottish Inventors Movies


Primary 5 have been very busy over the past few weeks planning, filming and editing our movies. We hope that you can learn something about some famous Scottish inventors through our movies.   


This term we will continue to read a variety of novels which we choose ourselves in our group. When we are choosing books we always talk about the reasons we would like to read a particular kind of book etc. We are all now forming some strong opinions about which authors we like or don't like. It has been surprising when we have thought that we wouldn't enjoy a book and then we actually do. Some of us discovered that we do like really funny books or we don't like them. 

We have also been learning about Renewable or Non-Renewable energy sources. It has been really interesting to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each energy source.  We have written very detailed letters to Stirling Council requesting that they consider more renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy. This was to work on our persuasive writing skills.  

We continue to work on our cursive handwriting and spelling daily. 

This term we are answering a question of the day each day. This is to work on our talking and listening skills. We get a question which Miss Allen chooses for us. We have to put our pegs on an answer and then we debate why we said what we did. So far our questions have been:

Should children of P5 age be given mobile phones?

Would you rather be incredibly smart or incredibly funny?

Is improving your handwriting important?

Would you rather be 5 years older or 2 years younger?

Should digital resources completely replace paper ones?

They have all made interesting discussions and we also ask all the adults that come in to our room.

Scottish Inventors Topic

We have been learning about different inventions that were made in Scotland. Everyone was shocked that both the telephone and television were invented by Scottish people. Everyone carried out an individual research project and shared this with the class in a powerpoint presentation. We also created leaflets about other famous Scots. It has been fun to do the research on our own and then learn from each other when we shared it. 


Movie Making


Another way of sharing our research was to make movies. We first wrote out a story board and then added in the details of everything that would happen in our movie. We performed them in front of the class and peer assessed using our Plicker cards. We are all getting much more honest with our peer assessment and it is useful information for what we should improve. Now we are at the stage of editing our movies using iMovie before we publish them. Stay tuned because they are coming soon. 


In Maths we are continuing to learn our times tables. Then we are applying this to division sums. We have been applying this to a problem solving context and real life situations. 

We have also been learning to tell the time on an analogue clock. We are split in to different groups which have different targets. One group is learning to read and write the time accurately, one group is working on digital and analogue time including 24 hour clocks and the final group are calculating duration and looking at times tables etc. 

We are also revising all our skills and trying to move up in our Clics, Safes and Learn Its. We are finding that we need to try much harder as they have gotten quite challenging for us. Everyone is working hard and using what they discuss with Miss Allen in our learning conversations to not make the same mistakes the next week. 

Programming and Coding

Last year in our robot project we learned some basic programming skills. We are all pretty good at estimating and judging distances after coding our robots so we decided to combine some Maths skills with some programming! The race was on! Each team had four chances to program their robot accurately enough to get closest to the target without touching it! It was a lot of fun. After the initial rounds the next challenge was to go in a straight line and then turn 90 degrees and move towards the target and try to land exactly on it. After that we decided it would be fun to make the challenge a little harder so Miss Allen told us we had to program the robot to drive level with the stop sign, stop for 3 seconds (otherwise the police would come and arrest you), then look ways and move forward past the line.

World Book Day

We had lots of different ideas of how to celebrate World Book Day. We decided that we wanted to bring our teddies in and our favourite books. Some people brought some books to swap and Miss Allen brought a big pile that we could choose from. First thing in the morning we made our own timetable with all the activities that we wanted to do and how much time we wanted to spend on them. We began creating our front covers for the Pupil council competition. We also did a treasure hunt. It was actually one that we did in P4 for World Book Day but we were all really keen to do it again now that we are older. We had to find different things in books. This helps us with our skimming and scanning skills. We found it really difficult to find a book about porridge! We did find one in the end. It was also a good opportunity to sort out our class library and get rid of any books that we wanted to swap out. 

Sharing our Learning


Primary 5 have been working with other classes to share our knowledge of the Chromebooks. We have been teaching the P3 and P2s how to log on to the Chromebooks and then how to create a Powerpoint presentation.  This gave us an opportunity to assess the skills that we know and also to challenge ourselves to be able to teach it. It was hard not to take over and take the mouse from them. There is a display in the ICT suite of us showing the P3s how to do it.    


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