About Primary 5

Teacher: Miss Allen

Number of Children: 22

Topic: Scottish History

P.E. Days: Thursdays and Fridays


RCCT: Miss Gray (Tues pm)



Please bring a filled water bottle every day to stay hydrated!

Maths Challenges 

Every week will do a Clic challenge (focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), a Learn It challenge which is a timed 100 second challenge to answer addition and multiplication questions and also a Safe Challenge which focuses on time, fractions, measurements, graphs etc. To move up you need to get three perfect scores. Everyone is working at their own level. When people move up we will celebrate their achievements as a class and their name will go on our class webpage for the week. 


Clics: Anna and Joe

Safes: Sophie, Riley and Ellie

Learn Its: Max

Friday Fives 26.03.21

Here are 5 questions you can ask me about my learning:

1) Ask me about frog spawn and our school pond.

2) Ask me about my maths targets and what I need to work on. 

3) Ask me about my newspaper and non-fiction writing. 

4) Ask me what is happening in Catscape. 

5) Ask me about how to take an accurate golf swing with a putter.

We have been doing maths assessments and working out which areas we all need to focus on. Everyone in our class continues to work on the times table challenges. We have 30 seconds to answer 10 division and multiplication questions. 
We have been listening to the class novel of Catscape since Christmas. Each week we listen to a chapter and then complete comprehension and vocabulary activities together. 
In writing we are working on non-fiction writing. Everyone is making their own newspaper. We are working on writing factually and carrying out interviews for information. It is also fun to work on the kids page and puzzle pages. 
We continue to learn new spelling sounds each week and to use these to make up sentences for handwriting.  See separate box for spelling word jail! Everyone is working on their cursive handwriting. In spelling we work on activities all week using the sounds and are enjoying a funny story for our weekly dictations. 
All of us have been working on our presentations skills and working collaboratively with others. We are currently learning our parts in a drama script. Each group has been given a script and everyone has selected a role. This allows us to work on expression, tone of voice and our confidence when presenting.
Everyone is now confident in the use of google classroom and has their own Chromebook. We work on our Chromebooks throughout the day. We like to use Menti to give feedback or ask questions. 
Health and Wellbeing
In our class we have made up our own set of class rules. Everyone has agreed to them and signed them to show that they agree. We also have a worry monster (called Spike) where you can put a note if you are worrying about something. 
We have been using the Emotion Works program and have been learning the language of emotion to start with. We learned that the orange cog is for emotion words. We named as many happy and sad emotion words as we could. Now we will move on to how each of those emotions make us feel. 
Every day we walk or run the daily mile path for 15 minutes of exercise. 
We are learning to play golf at the moment. We have started with putting and accuracy when taking short swings. Neil, from Active Stirling, taught us our first session. Sophie is our star golfer and is very accurate! 
Primary 5 have been learning about the work of the artist Hundertwasser. We began by researching facts about his life and style. 
We found that he likes bright colours, hides eyes in his work, has funny shaped buildings with onion style roofs. Most of his paintings were heavily patterned. We began by deciding which style of tree we would like to do either using spirals, patterns or lines. We created a sample circle, triangle and square trees.  Then we painted them with water colours. This was an opportunity for us to try it out on a small scale.  Then we did an A3 picture each using the same styles and some of the techniques we had learned. We used markers for these. Finally we did a very large class one. We are still working on it now. Anyone can colour it any time they want. 
Outdoor Learning
We have been making regular visits to the school pond to see the frog spawn. The other day we estimated that there were about 1250 eggs. We estimated by counting how big an area 50 eggs covered and then we walked around the pond with our hands out to estimate how many areas of 50 there were.
When we googled it we saw that they only have a survival rate of about 1 in every 50. We worked out that that means we should end up with about 25 frogs.  That was when we decided to name every surviving egg. Each one of us has our own egg plus we have Mini Minion and Krindlekrax which are the names that we voted on for the last two. We also shared our knowledge with the P2s and then showed the P6s how to estimate how many frog eggs there were. 

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