About Primary 5

Teacher: Miss Allen

Number of Children: 22

Topic: Scottish History

P.E. Days: Thursdays and Fridays


RCCT: Miss Gray (Tues pm)



Please bring a filled water bottle every day to stay hydrated!

Maths Challenges 

Every week will do a Clic challenge (focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), a Learn It challenge which is a timed 100 second challenge to answer addition and multiplication questions and also a Safe Challenge which focuses on time, fractions, measurements, graphs etc. To move up you need to get three perfect scores. Everyone is working at their own level. When people move up we will celebrate their achievements as a class and their name will go on our class webpage for the week. 


Clics: Alfie, Sophie and Scarlett

Safes: Max and Kasper

Learn Its: Archie, Kasper and Sophie

Friday Fives 4.12.20

Here are 5 questions you can ask me about my learning:

1) Ask me about my appointment spreadsheet that I created in Excel.

2) Ask me how to divide a 2 or 3 digit number by a 1 digit number.

3) Ask me the banangrams and times table competitions. 

4) Ask me how I am doing on Clics, Safes and Learn Its.

5) Ask me about my reading book.

Respect our Playground
Primary 5 worked together to plan a script to encourage others to look after our daily mile path and also to tell the other children about the bulbs that we have planted. Here is our video. 
We have now started reading in our groups and have enjoyed choosing our own novels to read. We have been working on becoming gold star readers by working on volume, fluency, reading with use of punctuation and expression. 
In writing we are working on adding descriptive detail. We started to do a piece of writing about being a spy posing as a bird watcher. Everyone had lots of creative ideas for their stories. We have been doing them on google classroom so that we can continue in our own time if we want to. 
We continue to learn new spelling sounds each week and to use these to make up sentences for handwriting.  See separate box for spelling word jail! Everyone is working on their cursive handwriting. In spelling we work on activities all week using the sounds and are enjoying a funny story for our weekly dictations. 
All of us have been working on our presentations skills and working collaboratively with others. We are currently learning our parts in a drama script. Each group has been given a script and everyone has selected a role. This allows us to work on expression, tone of voice and our confidence when presenting.
Topic - Scottish History
This term we are working on independent research projects. We have each chosen an aspect or time period of Scottish History. We have been researching our chosen topic using the internet. Each week we have a planning meeting with Miss Allen to discuss ideas for our project and our progress. We have to choose two different ways to share and present our information to the class (23rd November). Some of us are doing posters and chose very large paper to make our posters on. Others are doing Powerpoint presentations or newspaper articles. A lot of people have chosen to make a model at home. 
We have now got enough Chromebooks for everyone in the class to have a turn on one. We set them all up and have worked out how to use google classroom. We had a lot of fun waving at each other in the cameras and saying hello. Then we tried answering questions on a forum. We will also use technology for all curricular areas. We played some Maths games and have started to type up our stories. 
We can access our work from home on our google classroom page. To log in use username49@stirlingschools.net and initials followed by SumDog password.
This term we are working on our times tables and division. We are learning the links between multiplication and division.  We will work on all the tables up to 12. 
We will continue our Clic, Safe and Learn It challenges. Everyone is working at their own levels. See the box above to see who has moved up this week.  
We will continue work on addition and subtraction. During Maths time we usually start with a mental maths which requires us to use the different skills that we have used. This week we have been playing a times table game. You need to know all the tables to be able to play. 
Drama Performances 
We have been working on reading with expression. In order to help us with this we were reading a play script. Everyone was keen to learn their lines and to film the performances. Some people wanted to bring in costumes. We practised for a few days and then it was time to film them. Ollie was our cameraman. The groups planned out their staging areas and backdrops. After they were filmed Miss Allen edited them to cut together all the scenes. Finally, we added sound effects and opening and closing titles. Now the videos are ready to share. We really hope that you enjoy them. 
Health and Wellbeing
In our class we have made up our own set of class rules. Everyone has agreed to them and signed them to show that they agree. We also have a worry monster (called Spike) where you can put a note if you are worrying about something. 
We have been using the Emotion Works program and have been learning the language of emotion to start with. We learned that the orange cog is for emotion words. We named as many happy and sad emotion words as we could. Now we will move on to how each of those emotions make us feel. 
Every day we have been running/walking the daily mile on the new path. Some of us enjoy walking together and talking and some people run very fast. Lots of people in our class have signed up for the Cross Country Race in Kirkintilloch so we have been training hard for it. 
We have also started to learn the rules of netball. We had a very wet game of netball as we learned all the positions and rules. Hopefully next time the weather will be better. We also hope to play basketball and lacrosse this term to learn about the different skills in working together. 
Primary 5 have been working hard on our art skills. We have made winter pictures which include Oor Wullie and also fireworks pictures. There are some great looks of concentration here. 
Word Jail
We have been working together to rescue some common words from the word jail. The whole class has to use and spell the word correctly all week to save it from jail. It can also go back in to jail in the weeks that follow! Everyone has been enjoying the challenge and a chance to think more about the spelling of common words.  Here are the words currently in our word jail:

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