About Primary 5

Teacher: Miss Allen

Number of Children: 21

Topic: Krindlekrax and Myths and Legends

P.E. Days: Thursdays and Fridays


RCCT: Miss Gray (Tues pm)



Please bring a filled water bottle every day to stay hydrated!

Maths Challenges 

Every week will do a Clic challenge (focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), a Learn It challenge which is a timed 100 second challenge to answer addition and multiplication questions and also a Safe Challenge which focuses on time, fractions, measurements, graphs etc. To move up you need to get three perfect scores. Everyone is working at their own level. When people move up we will celebrate their achievements as a class and their name will go on our class webpage for the week. 


Clics: Louisa, Ollie and Riley

Safes: Louisa

Learn Its: Scarlett and Joe

Friday Fives 25.09.20

Here are 5 questions you can ask me about my learning:

1) Ask me what happened in the Mr Gum book that we have been reading as a class.

2) Ask me to name 2D and 3D shapes and to describe how many faces, edges and vertices they have.

3) Ask me about my lesson that I taught in Maths.

4) Ask me about my animation and how I made it.

5) Ask me about my spelling sound and test me on some words.

Everyone in the class is taking part in a novel study. We are reading Krindlekrax. So far it is a good book and we feel quite sorry for Ruskin because his parents don't even have any confidence in him. Each day we are reading a bit more and talking about what we have read. We are learning how to do the different literacy circle roles - artist, summariser, word wizard, question master and link maker.
We have also been learning the different joins in cursive writing. This will help with spelling and make writing easier. We have played lots of games with our spelling sounds and especially enjoy 'stuck in the mud.'  Each week we will do dictation activities and word changers. 
In our writing, we are working on making sure that we use punctuation correctly. We have been working on trying to use a variety of good words and make our writing interesting. 
Everyone has been working on listening and talking activities and improving our confidence when sharing with the whole class. 
We have been learning about place value and reading numbers up to hundred thousands. Some of us have gone beyond that and been reading millions and billions. 
We have started our Clic, Safe and Learn It challenges. Everyone is working at their own levels. See the box above to see who has moved up.  
We will continue to work on our times tables and number facts. One of our favourite games to play is when two people go against each other to try and add the numbers the quickest. The winners then take on the whole class. We also play a game where you have decide which column to put the number in to make the highest number. 
We have also been learning how to round numbers to the nearest ten and nearest hundred. We took turns of being the class teacher and showing everyone how to round numbers.
We have now got enough Chromebooks for everyone in the class to have a turn on one. We set them all up and have worked out how to use google classroom. We had a lot of fun waving at each other in the cameras and saying hello. Then we tried answering questions on a forum. We will also use technology for all curricular areas. We played some Maths games and have started to type up our stories. 
We can access our work from home on our google classroom page. To log in use username49@stirlingschools.net and initials followed by SumDog password.
Topic - Myths and Legends
Our first myth was to learn about Icarus and Daedalus. We first watched a wee video which told us the story. Then we typed up the key events that had happened. Each person had to draw one picture to add to the timeline of events. After this we learned about the dangers of spending too much time in the sun. This was because Icarus flew too close to the sun and thats why his feathers fell off. We made a factual leaflet each about the dangers of the sun. Finally, we did an art project where we painted a sun. We had to be really careful to think about the brush strokes when we were painting. We put them all together to make a nice display. 
Our second Myth was Remus and Romulus. We decided that we should retell the story by acting it out. Everyone had to think about where their audience was, use of the space on the stage, expression and eye contact. All the groups had to assess the other groups. 
We look forward to choosing our next myth.
Health and Wellbeing
In our class we have made up our own set of class rules. Everyone has agreed to them and signed them to show that they agree. We also have a worry monster (called Spike) where you can put a note if you are worrying about something. The 5 point scale is used to describe how we are feeling. We can move our pegs on it at any time throughout the day. We have been working on the emotion works recovery program. This talks about what lockdown was like for us and how we can get back in to school life in a busy classroom. We played a game where you had to write down as many positive emotions as you could in 1 minute and then as many negative emotions. Some people were really fast! 
Every day we have been running/walking the daily mile on the new path. Some of us enjoy walking together and talking and some people run very fast. Kasper never stops running! He could run forever. It is really good that the parents helped to build us the new path because it is good exercise for us and it means we can actually use the whole playground. We did the bleep test. Ollie was the best and managed to level 11. We will do it again in a few weeks. We have been learning ball control skills in hockey and basketball. In P.E. we are also learning to work together as a team. Everyone should bring a spare jacket and shoes as we will be doing P.E. whatever the weather is like. 
Apple and Plum Picking
We are unable to cook in the school at the moment so we decided that it would be a good idea to pick some fruit to take home. Each person had a bag and we went out to look at the fruit trees. We talked about which fruits were ready to be picked and filled our bags. Everyone had a lot of fun choosing which fruit and how much to take home. 
Over the past few weeks we have done various art projects which are displayed around the school. This week we created windy day pictures. We had to build up the image piece by piece and talked about how to make it look like the trees are blowing in the wind. We are all really pleased with how they turned out. In Language, we have written stories to go along with the pictures. We were typing them up on the Chromebooks. 

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