About Primary 5
Teacher: Mrs McAvoy

Number of Children: 22

Topic: Pupil Choice

P.E. Days: Tuesday and Thursday (Rugby Mondays until mid May)

RCCT: Wed afternoon/ Thursday morning


Please bring a filled water bottle every day to stay hydrated!

Welcome to Primary 5

I will post spelling words each week that we are working on in class.  If you could help and encourage them to sound them out then blend the words back together then this will help with their understanding of how the sounds are formed which make the spelling words.




We are learning a variety of strategies to help us with:

  1. Problem solving

  2. Multiplication

  3. division

  4. end of year assessments


  1. Poetry- we are learning a poem genre a week within our literacy circles.

  2. Spelling- taking a new approach with phonics to help build our confidence with words

  3. Comprehension

  4. Writing- we have covered VCOP strategies and explore a  different theme each week.

  5. Reading groups and literacy circles weekly. 

  6. Relationship building time where the children are getting to know those that may not be in their immediate circle.   


  1. We are looking at a weekly topic of choice.  Each child in class has requested a different topic to study and we are going to be learning a variety of topics from sharks to Lego.


  1. Sports day prep, basketball, fitness and football.

RME, HWB, science, French, ICT and the arts will also be covered this term interlinking other subjects or as standalone lessons.

This term (Jan- Feb break)

Friday Fives

1. How many teeth do sharks have?

2. How many species of sharks are there?

3. Show me a new multiplication strategy

4. Tell me your favourite genre of poetry so far

5.Can you recite the haiku you did on WW2?