About Primary 4

Teacher: Mrs Stevenson

Number of Children: 24

Contexts for Learning:


Fairy Tales (Literacy)


P.E. Days: Tuesday & Friday

RCCT: Mrs Benson, Tuesday AM


Please bring a filled water bottle every day to stay hydrated!

Term 1


In numeracy this term we will be looking at number sequences, rounding, estimation, place value, comparing, ordering and addition. We will also be working on mastering our basic facts through weekly CLIC and Learn It Challenges and Basic Facts Quizzes. 


In literacy this term, we will be reading, comparing and contrasting different Fairy Tales. 

In writing, we will be looking at the different aspects of VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers, punctuation) and using them in our writing. 



P.E./ H&WB

In P.E. we will be taking part in various Invasion Games.

In Health & Wellbeing we will be starting a new Emotion Works program across the school. Initially, we will be talking about our lockdown experiences and getting to know each other's likes and dislikes. 


In French, we will be learning the number sequence to 10 forward and backward, basic greetings and how to share information about ourselves such as our name, age and how we are feeling.


In Science will be looking at electricity as part of our Technology context for learning.  

Welcome to Primary 4!

Welcome back everyone!

We are all so happy to be back at school and everyone has settled in really well. We are working on familiarizing ourselves with our new routines, getting to know each other and thinking and talking about all of the things we would like to learn this year. We have been busy setting goals and targets for ourselves and are already working hard to achieve them. 

We have been We have been spending plenty of time outside and recently wrote some fantastic Mesostic poems using our senses.

We have also been thinking about all of the things we would like to learn related to our Technology context for learning and have already started looking at the ways technology has changed and started to learn how to code to prepare us for operating the various robots we have here in the school.

Friday Fives 09.10.2020

Here are 5 questions you can ask me about my learning:

1. Ask me how we made our shadow puppets and what our play was about.

2. Ask me about the type of robot I am researching.

3. Ask me how to add and subtract using borrowing and exchanging.

4. Ask me the days of the week in French.

5. Ask me what I wrote when we reflected on what we had learned in Term 1 and what my new goal is for Term 2.

Secondary Colour Trees

We used our knowledge of primary colours to create secondary colours and used both within our tree compositions. We created our tree images in crayon demonstrating control of line and shape.

Our Helpful Robots

Primary 4 worked in pairs to create a helpful robot that could be used in the household or industry to do a task. The robots needed to be able to do a task and be possible. Here are our creations!

Primary 4 is Electrifying!

For the past few weeks, Primary 4 have been learning about electricity as part of our technology context for learning. We have been learning how to construct a series circuit and identify symbols for various electrical components. We have looked at what the terms conductor and insulator mean and experimented with different materials in order to draw conclusions about which the type they are.

We have also been learning about computing science and how to code the computers we have in class to carry out a task. We have been coding online and outside without using any technology at all!

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