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About Primary 2/3

Teacher: Miss Gray

RCCT: Mrs Walker - STEM 

Number of Children: 25


P.E.Days: Monday & Thursday

Homework: Google Classroom

Safe hands, safe
feet & kind words

We have been learning about how to be safe, ready and respectful. We have also been learning about our school values and how we can demonstrate these. 

  • Co-operation

  • Responsibility

  • Honesty

  • Fairness

  • Respect

High Fives

Friday 5's

1. Ask me my sounds this week.

2. Ask me about multiplication strategies. 

3. Ask me how weather affects our lives. 

4. Ask me about PE with Ms. McKee

5. Ask me what we talked about at Together Time. 



  • We have been revising our sounds using Fred Talk and Fred Fingers. 

  • We have been revising common/tricky words by listening to songs and raps. 

  • We have been doing weekly spelling tests using our sounds for the week and common words. 


  • We have been choosing books from the clas librry to read each day.

  • We have been listening to stories read to us by famous actors on Storyline Online. 

  • We have been reading short paragraphs and answering different types of questions based on what we have read. 


  • We have been writing our news every Monday. 

  • We have been uplevelling sentences. 

  • We have been using adjectives to describe characters and images. 

  • We have been practising our letter formation and handwriting. 

Talking & Listening

  • We have been watching Newsround everyday and discussing the topics they cover. 

  • We have been enjoying Circle Time sessions to discuss our emotions and friendships. 

  • We have whole class discussions about what was covered during Together Time. 


Big Maths

Tuesday - CLIC challegnges 

Wednesday - Learn It challenges 

Thursday - SAFE challenges 


  • We have been exploring the Numicon shapes.

  • We used the Numicon shapes to build Numicon cities. 

  • We used the Number Rods to make pictures. 

  • We have been exploring place value by breaking bigger numbers down into Hundreds, Tens and Ones. 

  • We have been using the rounding rule to round numbers to the nearest 10. 

  • We discovered that even numbers are flat at the top but that odd numbers have a bump at the top. 

  • We have been answering problem solving questions and word problems. 

Health & Wellbeing

Physial Education

This term we have ben focusing on pysical literacy. We have been developing our basic skills and methods of travel. So far we have focused on:

  • Running

  • Hopping

  • Galloping

  • Jumping

  • Skipping

  • Rolling

  • Catching

  • Throwing

We have also been lucky enough to have some rugby taster sessions with Active Stirling staff!

Personal & Social Wellbeing

Primary 1, Primary 1/2, and Primary 2/3 have been working together to learn about friendships, kindness and empathy. We have been discussing how to be a good friend, how to maintain friendships, and what to do when friends fall out. We have done some drama, writing, and group work! We will continue to learn together and to do this outside when possible. 

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