About Primary 3

 Teacher: Mrs Benson


Number of Children: 23



(as voted on by the class)

Aug-Oct: Greek Mythology

Oct-Dec: Woman Who Changed the World

Jan-Apr: Sealife

Apr-June: The Victorians

P.E.Days: Tuesday and Thursday


As a staff we have agreed to trial changes to homework this year. All classes will be trialling this. Homework will focus on the essential skills of reading, spelling and mental maths. Children will have their reading book, spelling words and mental maths to work on. There will be no written homework and no homework projects. No work is required to be handed in. Children will be expected to practise spelling words and mental maths each week in any way that suits them. This could be done in the homework jotter, through a website such as Top Marks, through games and activities at home or orally.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Library Days:

  • Friday 11th October

  • Friday 8th November

  • Friday 22nd November

Please remember to bring all library books back on these days to return with the class. The children will receive a sticker and will have earned a certificate when they collect 6 stickers.



 Please check children's homework wallets each night and ensure they come to school each day as this will be the primary method of communication between home and school.

Friday Fives


Here are 5 questions you can ask me about my learning:

  1. Ask me about measuring with a ruler.

  2. Ask me about my poem for Burn's Day.

  3. Ask me about the layers of the ocean.

  4. Ask me about food chains.

  5. Ask me about writing a newspaper article. 

August Update

We have just come to end of our first full week and it feels like we never left. The children settled back into school so beautifully and we enjoyed getting used to our new classroom, agreeing our class charter and what responsibilities we would have, and what life would look like in primary 3.


We have started our Greek mythology topic and I cannot wait for you to see the fantastic thrones the children have designed. We focused on the design process and editing and improving our work after feedback. The final results are fit for Olympus!


Our topic gives us an excellent springboard into creative writing, art and design and drama so I am very excited to see what wonderful work the children produce this term. 

We are getting our literacy and maths programmes underway with a "back to basics" focus. In maths this term, we will predominately be focusing on improving our speed and accuracy in simple arithmetic so this shall also be the homework focus. 

October Update

Topic and Literacy


It has been a most productive term. The children have absolutely loved the Greek Mythology topic which has been an excellent stimulus for writing and art. Over the course of the term the children have drafted, edited, re-drafted and published a chapter book about a Greek myth of their creation! They have all worked so hard and you should be so proud of their achievements. The myths are excellent and we have been inundated with visitors from other classes who want to read our stories. We even took them to the library to read them to the librarian.

Throughout the topic the children designed thrones for an Olympian god or goddess; they worked collaboratively to create a hybrid creature using elements from real life animals and they wrote incredible poems about Pandora's Box. 

Our next topic is Women Who Changed the World and it started with bang when we received a most bizarre letter from a man named David Smeet. Ask your child what his thoughts were!


We were learning about ordering numbers, addition and place value last term with a major focus on number bonds to 20. It is so important the children are able to add and subtract to 20 mentally as this leads in to working out more challenging calculations with bigger numbers. Each child has a writing and maths target they are working on. Ask your child what their maths target is and how they are getting on with it. 

This term we will be carrying on with number processes with a focus on subtraction

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