About Primary 2

Teacher: Mrs Findlay (Mon, Tues and alternate Wed)

Mrs Dolan (alternate Wed, Thurs and Fri)


Number of Children: 22


Topic: The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark


P.E. Days: Tuesday and Wednesday 

RCCT: Miss Spencer

Friday Fives!

1. How do you make owl toast?

2. Ask me what 4 senses we used in our lesson on sensing the world.

3. Ask me some adding sums to 20. 

4. Ask me to tell you a word with the sound aw and a word with the sound au. 

5. Ask me to tell you about our teddy bears picnic.

Term 2 in P2

We continue to be very busy in P2. Here are some of the things we have been up to... 


We are working very hard on our sounds. We are looking at double sounds just now such as; au/aw and ow/ou.


We have been learning about symmetry. We continue to develop our skills in addition and subtraction within 20. We can tell o'clock and half-past time with an analogue clock and we are learning about digital time now too!


We continue to work on our basic sentence writing skills such as using capital letters and full stops. We have been learning how to write instructions.


We love The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. We have been learning about nocturnal and diurnal animals, owls, owl pellets, hedgehogs and talking about our own fears. We have created some lovely writing and art work inspired by the book.

Preparing Owl on Toast!

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