About Primary 2

Teacher: Mrs Findlay (mon, tues and alternate Wed)

Mrs Dolan (alternate wed, thurs and fri)


Number of Children: 19


Topic: Time travel into the past


P.E. Days: Monday and Wednesday 

RCCT: Mrs Street

There's something fishy going on in p2........

Friday Fives!

1. Ask me to tell you about our Author visit on Friday.

2. Ask me about transport in the 1950's and how it was different to today.

3. Ask me to explain how we us Chromebooks in p2.

4. Ask me how to add on 9 and 11.

5. Ask me about the time machine we are building in class.

Welcome to Primary 2!


We are settling in well to life in p2. Look how much fun and learning has taken place in the first week!

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