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About P1/2

Mrs Stevenson
Number of Children:
P.E. Days:
Tuesday & Wednesday 


Safe Hands, Safe Feet and Kind Words

We have been learning about how to be safe, ready and respectful when we are at school.  

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is regularly updated with pictures and updates on what we have been doing.

Homework is posted on Google Classroom weekly. 

Term 1 Update


Each week this term we have been reading a different fairy tale and doing activities to go along with the stories including drama, expressive arts, outdoor learning activities, mathematics, and literacy. There are lots of pictures of the thing we have been doing on Google Classroom.


Primary 1's are working hard to learn their phonics, blend sounds to read words and write the sounds using the Read, Write Inc. program. We have also been working on developing our fine motor skills. 

Primary 2's continue to learn phonics and are working hard on reading and writing using the Read, Write Inc. program. 

Numeracy and Mathematics:

In Numeracy and Mathematics, we have been developing our ability to recognize the number of objects in a group without counting and our estimation skills. We have been practising counting forward and backward within 100 and counting in 10's. We have been working on counting a group of items carefully using one-to-one correspondence and recognizing that the last number we count is our total. We have also explored ordinal numbers, symmetry, different ways of collecting data and pattern.  

Physical Literacy:

Our focus in physical education this term has been developing our physical literacy skills. Physical literacy is the development of fundamental movement and sport skills. These allow children to move confidently and competently in a wide range of physical activity and sport situations. Physical literacy also includes the ability to ‘read’ what’s going on in particular situations and reacting appropriately. We have been busy hopping, jumping, skipping, dribbling, throwing, running, and balancing. 

Learning Through Play:

By playing with others, we have been learning how to take turns, cooperate and share. This also helps us to develop our language skills.

We love all sorts of building activities. These activities allow us to develop our movement skills and our understanding of distance and size. 

We also love to use our imaginations during play to develop our communication skills and create our own games.

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