About Primary 2

Teacher: Mrs Findlay (mon, tues and alternate Wed)

Mrs Dolan (alternate wed, thurs and fri)


Number of Children: 22


Topic: Under the Sea


P.E. Days: Tuesday and Wednesday 

RCCT: Mrs Benson 

Our new wall displays. 

Friday Fives!

1. How do you know if you should spell a word using ai or ay?

2. What can we do to look after the oceans?

3. Why would we use the word because in a sentence?

4. Ask me to name the 5 oceans of the world.

5. Ask me to tell you some facts about Jellyfish, I know lots!

Welcome to Primary 2!


We are settling in well to p2. Look how much fun and learning has taken place in the first week! We have enjoyed learning about The Colour Monster, The Invisible String, Under the Sea and Elmer the Elephant. We have been creating amazing artwork already. We can't wait to share the photographs of this with you soon. P2 are a lovely class and we are looking forward to a packed year full of learning and fun!

Love from

Mrs Dolan and Mrs Findlay.  

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