About Primary 1
Teacher: Miss Allen

Number of Children: 20
P.E. Days: Monday & Thursday

RCCT: Mrs Stevenson on Thursday Afternoons

Friday Fives 06.05.22

Friday Fives are updated fortnightly. These questions should help with discussions on what your child has been learning in school. 

1. Ask me about Read Write Inc and how I am getting on with my book and workbooks. 

2. Ask me about the trip to the library. 

3. Ask me about measuring things in the school playground and using compasses.

4. Ask me about planting flowers.

5. Ask me about my rainbow poem that I wrote.

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30th May - 10 June
23rd to 27th May

16th to 20th May

It has been another busy week in Primary 1. We have had transition sessions with the nursery children. We worked on building and construction this week. We also enjoyed music and writing some songs. On Thursday we spent the entire day outside learning in the school grounds. We decided to use the green groups reading book to create a spell. The spell we made turned all the bad peiple pin the world in to good people. You can see the list of things we put in it in our pictures. You can also see some pictures of us mixing it up. Luckily it was more successful than the spell in the book! We worked together to make a lovely pictures which will be on display at the Drymen show. 

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9th to 13th May

This week we have welcomed the nursery children in to our class for the start of the transition sessions. We enjoyed working with them and showing them what we do at school. We have also started making a movie with Miss Allen and Mrs Stevenson to show them what school is like. We have been working on our writing and building better sentences. In Maths we have been working on subtraction and outdoor learning as part of it. We all enjoyed the talent show and were very proud of all the P1s that took part. Everyone was very confident and did well. Congratulations to Eva and Henry who both made it in to the final. In P.E. we have been working on our skills for sports day and getting pretty good at carrying an egg on a spoon! During playtimes and lunchtimes most of the class have been working together on fairy gardens in the school playground. Lots of the staff have been commenting on how creative we are and how well we are working together. We then decided to have a competition between the red team and green team to build fairy gardens. We used anything we wanted out of the art cupboard, sand, grass and mud. Miss Allen wouldn't tell us the winner and we were all shouting that she had to tell us. We were very lucky because we got to try out all the new playground toys before anyone else even got to touch them. It was a lot of fun playing with them and trying them out. 
3rd to 6th May

Construction work has begun on the new nursery so it has been a fascinating week for Primary 1 watching all that has been going on. We also got to take a trip up to the library. Seven children were able to choose books this week which we will read together. Next time it will be another group. We planted flowers with Sarah Hyde and Sarah Connolly which we will watch as they grow and then get to take home. We have been working really hard with the new phonics and doing lots of writing with full stops and capital letters. We have enjoyed being outside for our play in the nice weather. Our P7 buddies even came out to play with us. We wrote some rainbow poems using all the colours of the rainbow. Calum and Ben had their poem selected to go to the Drymen show. 
26th April to 29th April

This week we have been working hard using the new RWI phonics program. We started our new reading books which we have enjoyed. Each book has lots of activities and we have been improving our writing. This week we also finished our SNSAs and all did this online. In Maths, we have been working on measure along with subtraction. We did a maths scavenger hunt where we had to find differnt things. We had to try find the lightest thing we could in the playground, or something about 10cm long or something about the length of our thumb etc. In P.E. we have started practising for sports day and having lots of races.​
18th April to 22nd April

The exciting news that we came back to school to find out was that Lucy has been born! We could not believe that we have our own pet hippo. We have all been taking turns of caring for her at break and lunch and also taking us with us wherever we go. The dentists even had a wee look at her teeth on Friday! 

We have been learning to tell the time and making our own clocks in the playground. We have also been watching a lot of the construction work that is going on. We were excited to watch the site office portacabin get delivered on the back of a truck. 

28th March to 1st April 

This week we found a 'hippo' egg in the school pond. We have been spending the week looking after her and anxiously waiting for her to hatch. We are hoping to find a hippo when we come back after the holidays. We have written all about it. See below. 

We have also been learning about money. We can all recognise coins. We have been working out how much change you would get and which coins you need to buy something. This week we also got the parachute out and played in the hall together. 

Primary 1 went to the pond. We found a hippo egg. Mrs Stevenson saw it first. Miss Allen managed to get the egg out of the pond.  


We found grass, leaves, sticks and bark bed for the hippo egg to sleep on. We made a comfy bed for the hippo egg.  


Then we named it Lucy by voting. Tasha was the one that wanted to use the name Lucy and everyone voted for it. All of us touched a little bit of the egg. You have to use your Peter Pointer finger to touch it gently and don’t smash it. Lois and Tamsin wanted to invite Mrs Cassidy to meet Lucy. Mrs Cassidy came out and had a touch of the egg. She even brought us a big cage to keep Lucy in when she turns in to a hippo. We also sang Lucy some lullabies to put her to sleep. 


Then we brought Lucy in to the classroom. We tried to figure out the best way to put Lucy in to the cage. Miss Allen thought that once the hippo hatches we can put it in the cage. For just now we made a travel cot and the big box for her to be in. Everyone made posters and pictures for Lucy.  We then tried to figure out how to keep enough grass for Lucy to eat it all.  


Mrs Stevenson googled how much grass hippos need to eat. It is 35kg a day! We will measure it after the holidays.  


Some people don’t believe it is a hippo egg. “It makes me feel really really sad when people don’t believe us.” said Calum “I feel mad when people don’t believe in the hippo.” said Grace. “I really like having Lucy in our classroom and showing her everything in the room and all the toys.” said Aaron. “I like having the hippo egg because when it hatches we will get to see it.” said Jack. 

21st March to 25th March

It has certainly been a busy week of hosting visitors to the portacabin! For the first time ever other classes have been allowed in to the portacabin to see what we have been doing. We were able to show them around and read them our books. Everyone was very impressed with our books and the hard work that we have done. On Monday, we visited the pond as part of our RSPB wildlife challenge. We saw lots of frog spawn and chatted about lifecycles. Ben also managed to find a great diving beetle which was huge and caused much excitement. We helped to clear the pond out to make it a better habitat. In P.E. we have started netball and been working on our throwing and catching. In Maths we have moved on to learning about money. We chose things that we would like to buy and then counted out the coins that we would need to buy it. We have spent a lot of time in the outdoors and learning in the sunshine. Everyone is very happy to swap the wellies and waterproofs for sunglasses and sunhats!