About Primary 1

Teacher: Mrs Walker

Number of Children: 16


P.E. Days: Tuesday & Thursday

RCCT: Miss Gray on Monday afternoons


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Friday Fives

Friday Fives are updates fortnightly. These questions should help with discussions on what your child has been learning.


1. Ask me to count out objects to 10 accurately.

2. Ask me to sing you our song about a little leaf/raindrop/snowflake

3. Ask me how I made my Christmas card design.

4. Ask me to sing my jolly phonics jingle for a,t,p,n,i

5. Ask me about the games I've learned in PE.


1. Ask me about the colours of the colour monster. Ask me what each colour means.

2. Ask me about the children in our class. Ask me who I like. Ask me which adults I like.

3. Ask me about our check in. Ask what it means if I feel a 1,2,3,4 or 5.

4. Ask me to make a variety of sounds using their voices e.g.- moo for a cow, tick tock for a clock, sssss for a snake, buzz like a bumble bee, wheeeee down a slide, bounce your ball- boing boing.

5. Ask the children what they did with the numcion.

Primary 1

Term 1- update


Welcome to Primary 1.

P1 have been busy settling in and we had a magical visitor, the Friendly Dragon of Fairyland. He set us lots of tasks to complete and the class embraced them all. We've been reading lots of fairytales and learning about the characters and story lines.

We were very engaged by the footprints our Friendly Dragon left us so we explored and investigated these further.

We also had a visit from the Giant who had us measuring lots of different objects. We also wrote him a giant book to read called the Gingerbread man. The whole class helped to write it and illustrate it. 

The Big Bad Wolf escaped and we had to create Wanted Posters to catch him! Little Red Riding Hood was safe as we fed the wolf lots of healthy snacks and we created some tricky mazes from him to get lost in.

As we are coming close to the end of term we have started to enjoy the colder weather when we can put on our gloves and scarves and we will be looking at seasonal changes in the outdoors. 

As part of this we are looking to upgrade our loose parts area. If possible, we would be very grateful if you could collect some of the objects below and send them in to school:

Pine cones



Glass beads

Milk bottle lids

Containers – wicker/wooden bowls

Squares of carpet/ lino/ AstroTurf

Guttering (cut to random sizes 20cm-1m pieces)

Wood pennies (slices of wood 10-20cm diameter)


Small pots and pans

Wooden spoons / scoops

Wooden/ metal curtain rings, jar lids

Mug tree

Cardboard tubes



Metal tea pot/ metal cups


Thank you in advance for your help.

The children are well underway with their phonics and have learned a,t,p,n,i, and we will continue to build up our phonics over the last few weeks of term.

We have been exploring number and we have learned the number stories for 0-5 and we have been learning to to write these numbers using the correct formation. Some children have been counting beyond 100 which is fantastic.

Please find our P1 school photographs below and a selection of our learning photographs too!

Take care,

Mrs Walker & P1

Term 1 Learning

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