About Primary 1

Teacher: Mrs Walker (Miss Marshall got married)


Number of Children: 20


P.E. Days: Wednesday & Thursday

RCCT: Miss Spencer on Tuesday afternoons

Show and Tell: Has now ended.

Sharing achievements: On a Friday children can share things they have achieved that has made them feel proud.


Primary 1- Home Activities

Term 3- February –April 2020
Common Words and Reading Books

Common words have been sent home (blue cards) and should be practised daily. You can also begin to challenge your child by asking them to spell the words correctly.

Reading books will be collected when we return to school. Please keep them in a safe place.

Whilst reading at home, you could discuss the characters, storyline (what was the problem and how was it solved?) and setting. You could create a comic strip and draw what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story. Use speech bubbles to add speech.

This term we were creating our books. We were focusing on improving the presentation of our writing and drawings. I sent home the cursive alphabet so your child can form the letters correctly.


Our focus this term was on 2D and 3D shape, Subtraction and Early multiplication (sharing equally & creating groups). The skills you can practise at home are:

  • add and subtract 1,2,3 or 4 or more to / from any single digit within 10 eg.9-3, 4+3, 8+2, 7-4 mental agility.

  • add 3 single digits e.g. 3+2+2, using the language of sum and total

  • find the difference between 2 numbers by using a number line e.g difference between 2 and 5

  • use the language associated with shape, position and movement, and words such as curved, round, corner, edge, cube, cuboid, sphere, float, rise, sink, falling, stable, unstable

  • recognise coins to include 50p and £1, and continue to use coins to find simple totals and change in the eg 5p+5p or 2p+2p or 10p - 2p

  • estimate quantities to 20 or more, then, count to confirm

  • share objects out to give an equal share. e.g. I have 10 pens. Share them out between 5 of us.

  • Count in 2s starting from even and odd numbers, forwards and backwards, e.g. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

  • Count in 5s.

  • Count in 10s from any number e.g. 7, 17, 27,

Friday Fives

Friday Fives are updates fortnightly. These questions should help with discussions on what your child has been learning.


1. Ask me to work out change from 10p. Some of us will need coins/diagrams to help us work out the answer.

2. Aske me to write as many words with the oa sound.

3. Ask me about rain and how we get rain.

4. Ask me to sing the weather song.

5. Ask me to perform my gymnastics routine.


1. Ask me to count out coins to total up to 10p. Ask me to try and use 2p to create the price.

2. Ask me about making sea sounds in music.

3. Ask me about the differences between Glasgow and Strathblane.

4. Ask me to find my common words in a new story.

5. Ask me to perform the rolls we have learned in gymnastics.


1. Ask me to write numbers to 20. Am I getting the tens and ones in the correct columns? Ask me how many tens? Ask me how many ones?

2. Ask me to recite my Scots poem with gestures and expression.

3. Ask me about different types of houses.

4. Ask me how you create a watercolour wash?

5. Ask me to perform a balance- can I hold it for 5 seconds?


1. Ask me to add numbers to 10. Use words like: plus, add, 3 more than, how many altogether? Challenge- can i do it mentally. 

2. Ask me to find the missing number in the sum e.g. 4+_= 6.

3. Ask me to tell you a story with a beginning, middle and end.

4. Ask me what I did in our Christmas toy workshop or our Christmas Post Office.

5. Ask me about how you paint with watercolours.


1. Ask me to find as many common words in a book you have read.

2. Ask me to sing our Christmas show song.

3. Ask me to show you all of the different ways of making 6,7,8.

4. Ask me about my pirate ship model.

5. Ask me to demonstrate a kangaroo jump and frog jump.


1. Ask me to add 2 single digits together e.g. 3+5, 7+6. Ask me to explain how i got the answer.

2. Ask me to sing the jolly phonics song for l, c, f, u, b

3. Ask me to tell you the different parts of a pirate ship

4. Ask me to sing you "Over the deep blue sea" pirate song

5. Ask me to write you a sentence with our new common words.


1. Ask me to spell word with the letters d,o,g

2. Ask me to tell you one/two more or less than a number to 20

3. Ask me to tell you the colour red, blue or green in french.

4. Ask me what our new topic is.

5. Ask me to tell you the 4 listening skills we have been practising.

2.09.19- 13.09.19

1. Ask me what our classroom expectations are.

2. Ask me to write my name using the correct pencil grip.

3. Ask me to quickly count the dots on a dice face.

4. Ask me to sing a song for one of my sounds.

5. Ask me what the dragon has been doing.

Our first week in P1

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