About Primary 1
Teacher: Miss Allen

Number of Children: 22
P.E. Days: Monday & Thursday

RCCT: Miss Spencer on Wednesday Afternoons

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Information and pictures have been added to google classroom. It can be accessed using your child's own login.

We have been working hard to learn our sounds and then to put these together to read words. We use Fred Talk to sound out words. We are beginning to blend these together. We take our time to work on letter formation and to write our letters using the rhymes we know. 

Each day we go over all the sounds that we know. We are getting much quicker at doing the flashcards. 

We use numicon to help us with our Maths. We enjoy making patterns and adding numbers using numicon. Each morning when we do our lunches, we count up to 22 to make sure that we have everyone's lunches counted. We use the numicon shapes to help us with our counting. We have also been playing games to work out the missing number and what comes next on a numberline. 
Each week we have 2 hours of P.E. During this time we have been working on running, jumping, galloping, skipping, balancing, catching, throwing and many other skills! We are learning to take turns but also how to win and lose. Our favourite game at the moment is dodgeball. 
The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

We read the book The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and then have done lots of different activities about the book. At home we built lighthouses and then invited all the other classes to see them. We guided them around our museum and taught them what we know about lighthouses. 

We discovered that lighthouse were first used by the Egyptians. They used fire and mirrors to make the light. Next oil was used before finally they moved on to electric light. We have also been working together to develop pulley systems to send the lighthouse keeper his lunch. This was a problem solving challenge. We spent a lot of time using torches and different light sources to see how to build a lighthouse and the effect of mixing different colours of light.