About Primary 1
Teacher: Miss Allen

Number of Children: 20
P.E. Days: Monday & Thursday

RCCT: Mrs Stevenson on Thursday Afternoons

Friday Fives 1.10.21

Friday Fives are updated fortnightly. These questions should help with discussions on what your child has been learning in school. 

1. Ask me about what new sounds I have learned and if I can make words using them.

2. Ask me if I can count to 100 in ones or tens.

3. Ask me what I was doing in drama and about my short play when people helped us at school. 

4. Ask me about linking three movements together in the gym and planning it with my team.

5. Ask me about where our milk comes from.

Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 20.22.23.png
4th Oct. - 8th Oct. 2021

This week we worked with P2 to do an Autumn Scavenger hunt. We had a viewer to look through to spot signs of autumn around the playground. We then got to look through the magnifying glasses and binoculars to see what we could see. Then we collected some leaves and sticks that we wanted to take in to the classroom. We can then use them for activities in the classroom. We have hidden fake bugs in them that we can find. 

We started our new transport topic. We have been learning about different ways that you can take journeys. We enjoyed changing the sand for a transport area and adding an airport.  This week we got our very first reading book! We have all been working hard and learning new sounds too. One morning it was very frosty and we had fun practising our writing in the frost! We were excited to read our new books to our buddies. We have been doing addition in Maths and using different materials. We have a new game to play where you have to shout the next number and you can't be too slow or too fast. If you don't pay attention you wont know what number we are on. We managed to count all the way to 100. In P.E. we had great fun doing dance. We have been doing dances with our topic of going on a journey. We went to the zoo and to the park.  Outside we have been using the stage to play at retirements! We have been taking turns to be Mrs Cassidy or Miss Spencer and introducing each class for Mr Bendermacher's retirement. 
4th Oct. - 8th Oct. 2021

This week we have been working hard on stage with our song for Mr Bendermacher. We have also been learnining some new letters. In gym we have been working on our football skills. In Maths, we have learned the story of 8 and being doing lots of counting games. This week we have been working on the formation of our numbers. We have been using the Chromebooks for Numeracy and Literacy. The boys and girls have been performing in puppet shows for their friends. 
27th Sept - 1st Oct. 2021

This week we had a very exciting few days in Primary 1. The most exciting thing was getting our brand new whiteboard. We were delighted and Henry even said "It is everything we could have ever dreamed of!" We learned two new sounds 'e' and 'h'. We have been doing lots of work using numicon in Maths and making different numbers. This week we learned about people who help us to get our food and learned all about where our milk comes from. In drama we were doing short plays about people who help us at school. When we were in the gym we were linking together at least three different movements in our teams. We had to work together and liten to each other's ideas.

Everyone is really looking forward to the park run on Sunday. There are 17 Primary ones signed up. You can see us trying on our cross country vests in the picture.
20th - 24th Sept 2021

This week we learned about Road safety. Our class will be leading the school on Road Safety. We will work with our buddies to develop an action plan. We started by learning where safe places are to cross the road. Then we learned where to stand and to stop, look and listen. We also used the crossing on the main road and waiting on the green man. 

We worked with our buddies on numbers to 20. They planned different games with numbers before and numbers after. 

We also had fun playing with the chalk and drawing maps on the playground during our free play time. There were lots of creative ideas. 
13th-17th Sept. 

This week we have learned two new letters and can now write full sentences! We learned about finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. We have continued with our people who help us topic. Mrs Baillie talked to us all about being a nurse and the different jobs that she used to do in the hospital. We have had great fun dressing up and doing drama. We have been painting lollipop stop signs. Here are some pictures from our week. Click on the images to enlarge them.