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Get involved in Strathblane Parent Council!

Over the next three months we would like to get in touch with interested Parents about getting involved in the Parent Council. With the current cycle coming to an end, some current Members are likely to be stepping down. Here's our take on why the Parent Council is such a good thing to be involved in....

Why join Strathblane Primary and Nursery’s Parent Council?

COVID-19 has taken how we interact to a new level - that includes how we interact with our school, the teachers and the learning journey. We have heard many times that children perform better when parents are engaged in their education setting both at home and at school.

Joining the Parent Council is a huge opportunity to build deep, engaged and fruitful relationships with the school . By getting involved you are providing a positive example and your child will see first-hand the importance you place on education.


School Benefit

Our Parent Council aims to address issues that are important to parents and advocate for funding and issues that affect various aspects of education and pupil well being. We also strive to support a positive and caring atmosphere across the school.


Make Connections

Being part of the Parent Council helps you stay connected with the school and allows you to gain a broader perspective of how you can play a supportive role. You’ll network and make connections with other parents, community groups and funders who share common goals of pupil achievement and continuous improvement of our local school. Working in partnership helps build a stronger foundation for pupils to grow and thrive.


It is good for you

There are many ‘ex’ Parent Council members across the school – ask any of them - volunteering with the Parent Council has allowed them to contribute to their own skills and knowledge. Not only will it benefit your child(ren) but your school community as well. Being part of the Parent Council can help you gain experience and expertise as a leadership volunteer, build your CV and make lasting relationships.


What to do next

If you like this article be sure to share it with other parents! If you'd like to chat please let any of us know, here's how to get in touch (our school classes are included for reference, but do get in contact with any of us regardless of your child's class) - 



Victoria Carson vicbel761@gmail.com (P3/P6)

Heather Smith mrsmac1602@yahoo.co.uk (P3)

Anne Young ma_young@hotmail.com (P3)

Lucy Sinclair lucy_sinclair@ymail.com (P3/P5)

Alasdair Pickard ap@pickardproduction.com (P1/P5)


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