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Welcome to the Strathblane Parent Council website, a great place to keep in touch with what the Parent Council at Strathblane Primary School has been up to. There are regular updates here, including minutes from meetings and other announcements or items of interest.




Strathblane Primary School Parent Council
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Fundraising and events


Last term the school sent out a request for someone to come forward to take the lead on organising the Summer Fair. The event has not happened for a few years, but in the past has been a really fun afternoon for children and families before breaking up for the summer holidays. 


At the moment we still do not have anyone who can organise this, so please get in touch if you are willing to take this on! 

We know that people are busy, and are sometimes asked if people can simply donate to the Parent Council rather than giving up their time either organising or attending fundraising events. If you would like to do this, please get in touch either by Whatsapp or emailing

Summer is upon us… 


If you’re on one of the class Whatsapp groups, you should have recently received a message from the new Parent Council Whatsapp. 


We set up the service so we can communicate directly with parents and carers following a positive response in the questionnaire that we sent out late last year. We’ll continue to ask the school to send out important updates on their email distribution, and will use our Whatsapp as an additional tool to let you know about upcoming events and ask for your support.  


You can also use our Whatsapp as another way of getting in touch if you have any issues you’d like to be raised by the Parent Council. 


If you didn’t receive the message or would like to add anyone else to the list you can get in touch by scanning the QR code, or drop us a Whatsapp message directly on 01360 754 727. 


Please also reply if you received the message but would like to be deleted from the list!


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