About Our Nursery

Nursery Hours
All day provision 8.00am - 6.00pm
Morning session 8.00am - 1.00pm
Afternoon session 1.00pm - 6.00pm
Nursery Staff
Principle Early Childhood Educator - Miss S Brown
Senior Early Childhood Educator - Miss D Bradley
Senior Early Childhood Educator - Ms J Martin
Early Childhood Educator (Mornings) - Mrs L Morrison
Early Childhood Educator (W,Th,F) - Mrs K Harrison
Support Worker Early Childhood Educator (M, T) - Ms E Meffen
Modern Apprentice - Miss E Jones




The nursery will be closed for a week beginning 19/10/20. On our return we will be celebrating Halloween with activities throughout the week.

We have been discussing the importance of good hand hygiene and children have been watching the Handy Andy video and singing the song.


Please can all clothing and shoes be labelled so that it can be easily found as we can no longer have a lost property box.  We advise that all children bring weather appropriate clothing including wellies and waterproofs, sun cream, 2 changes of clothes or more if your child is toilet training. (We can no longer provide spare clothing. If your child runs out of spare clothes we will phone to request more). 

If your child is having a packed lunch please include an ice pack within to ensure lunch remains cold.  Advice from care inspectorate requires grapes and cherry tomatoes to be halved or quartered to prevent chocking and carrot sticks not advised for under 5's. More information can be found on the care inspectorate document link below:


We encourage healthy eating within the nursery and value your support in providing healthy lunches and snacks. The nursery continues to be nut free. We follow guidance issued by the Care inspectorate:




Thank you for your continued support. 

Nursery Holidays can be found on Stirling Councils website. Strathblane Nursery is model 2 (45.6 weeks).


Learning Through Play

We are moving away from context based learning in line with current policy and practice. In partnership with children and families, your child's key worker will identify learning intentions within health and wellbeing, literacy and numeracy.  We will use these to plan learning opportunities, promoting curiousity and play through individual and group interests.

Our learning focus is on health and well-being as we settle children back into the setting and welcome new children. We will be supporting children to learn the nursery routines and staff will be encouraging and role modelling good hygiene practices. We will provide opportunities to develop positive relationships with staff and peers and express thoughts and feelings.

Celebrating Success


If your child is celebrating a success please let a member of staff know for our celebrating success wall.

Examples: Learning to ride a bike, Tidying up their room 

October Week Fun!













Benefits for all practicing mindfulness techniques include, recognising and regulating big emotions, direct attention, reduce anxiety, improve sleep.

We have been using deep breathing, mindful movements and visualisation techniques during our nursery day, you may find these useful to do at home.

Friday Fives Challenge

 These questions should help with discussions on skills your child has been developing within nursery. 


1. Ask me how to keep safe in the nursery garden.

2. Ask me what to do when the fire alarm goes off.

3. Ask me to talk about my feelings.

4. Ask me to show you how we wash our hands.

5. Ask me who my friends in nursery are.



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