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Food For Life


On Tuesday 29th September 2015, four children and Miss Allen went to Stirling to present the work that we had done in the herb/vegetable garden project. There were 11 schools there from all over Scotland. We had to make our presentation 4 times to groups of 20-30 people. It was quite scary at first but then we got used to it. Everyone thought that we knew a lot about herbs. They asked us lots of questions. We went in a mini bus to get there.  It was in the Albert Halls which were very big and we got to sit at a big table.  We were at the cabbage table which was right at the front. We listened to a lot of speeches and then we did our presentations. We even got to ride on a bike to make smoothies. The lunch was delicious. Everyone was impressed with how many platefuls of vegetable lasanga we ate. The girls didn't like the apple turnovers for dessert so the boys got to eat it all!  We saw Mr Carrot. He was really funny. He was a man dressed as a carrot! By Holly and Imogen

This is a picture of us telling Dr Alasdair Allan (MSP) how to make a smoothie.  We had to tell him to cycle faster to make it properly.




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