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(Junior Road Safety Officers)

This year Primary 4 will be taking on the role of Junior Road Safety Officers under the guidance of Mrs Stevenson. We will help raise road safety awareness and promote road safety issues to everyone in the school and the wider community and get involved in organizing safe and active travel activities.  

Week Beginning 28th September: This week, we decided on our action plan for the year which includes a fun competition, a walk or cycle to school event and road safety awareness activities for later in the year. We also worked in small groups to graph the Hands Up Survey data, developing our teamwork skills and demonstrating cooperation and responsibility. We graphed the data in bar and block graphs as well as electronically in bar, dot, pie and line graphs developing our ICT and numeracy skills in a new context. We were able to talk about the graphs we created and identify the skills and attitudes we were developing through our learning. We have also updated our display board in the hall.  



















Week Beginning 7th September: This week the Primary 4 class conducted the annual Hands Up Survey which is the largest national dataset looking at how children travel to school across Scotland. In the coming weeks, we will explore the ways we can represent the data we have collected and ask and answer questions about it. We will also use technology and other methods to display the data simply, clearly and accurately. 

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