Techie Reppies

Twenty three children have chosen to join the Techie Reppies Group supported by Miss Allen. Together we set out our action plan for the next year. Under the leadership of Jack Smith and Sam Selmes we hope to achieve our five goals. The first of these is to devise a plan to replace/upgrade our ICT equipment in the school. The Parent Fundraising group have worked hard to raise funds to help achieve this goal. In the next few weeks three new interactive whiteboards will be put in to our classrooms. Two of these are paid for by the fundraisers and one by Stirling Council. Once these are in place we will only need one more interactive whiteboard to bring all classrooms up to date. After this the group will work together to decide our next priorities (e.g. tablets, desktops, laptops etc.). We will carry out surveys to find out what the different classes need and use. Miss Allen will help to train us up so that we can fix problems as they arise and report faulty equipment. We will also develop protocols for how the ICT equipment should be stored, checked out and tidied away. We will be responsible for making sure the protocols are followed in our classes. Finally, we would like to talk about Internet Safety and ensure that all children know how to keep themselves safe online. This is already taught at all ages and stages but we will look more into this and see if there is a way for us to take on a leadership role with this. Logan MacKay will be our secretary and type up the minutes of our meetings as well as share the agenda for the next meeting on our noticeboard (in the hall).

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Tasks Completed So Far

  • Picked our leaders for the different roles

  • Created our action plan

  • Written a note and invited Mrs Cassidy and Miss Spencer to attend our meeting

  • Typed up a survey and sent it to teachers

  • Typed up a survey to carry out with all classes

  • Talked about Internet Safety and our concerns

  • Started to make internet safety posters