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Information added to the Parent Council Page - call for new members. 
We are looking for several watering cans. Please hand in with your child or to the school office. Thank you. 

Stirling Council School Holiday Dates

Stirling Council Nursery Holiday Dates

Mon 3rd May - School Closed


Thurs 6th May - Staff Inset Day - School closed to pupils


Together All - Digital Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Service

All Stirling residents aged 16 – 26 wanting to talk or seek support about their mental health and wellbeing can now access free online support with Togetherall.   To join they simply need to go to and sign up with their postcode.

Togetherall is a digital mental health and wellbeing support service which is available online, 24/7.  The Community is completely anonymous (unless there are concerns about the user’s safety) so users can express themselves freely and openly.  Professionally trained Wall Guides monitor the community to ensure the safety and anonymity of all members. The Service aims to complement current services already in place.  It is not a crisis service but a prevention and early intervention tool.  It provides a range of activities to support users to work through what is troubling them:

The online courses and resources for self-management include evidence-based courses.  These courses are designed to help people manage to variety of mental health difficulties and improve their health and wellbeing at a pace which suits them.  There are also courses available which support members with their self-development, such as assertiveness training and managing procrastination.


Most members report feeling better and more able to cope with their workloads as a result of using the service and nearly 65% use Togetherall outside of a typical 9-5pm.


Below are links to two short videos providing further information:

Potential member video  Member Facing Video - 2 Minute Overview

Togetherall Overview Webinar – Internal use demonstration of the platform to give people signposting the platform an overview of the service: Inside Togetherall - 12 Minute Overview

Strathblane Tennis Club


Kids’ and adult coaching coming up, initially next Sunday for a one-off session, then later on, in April/May, a longer block of lessons.

The age groups will be roughly P1-3 11am – 12pm; P4-6 12pm-1pm: P7+ 1-2.30pm and Adults 2.30-4pm.

As usual, it would be great to see as many kids as possible join the sessions, and even more so after lockdown!

For more information, people can check the website coaching page

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Strathblane Primary School has been on the current site since the mid sixties. The building is set in beautiful countryside with easy access to the natural world for environmental studies projects. Pupils enjoy spacious accommodation with classrooms, general purpose room, and hall with stage and P.E. facilities, separate dining area and a computer suite. Outdoors there are generous playing areas, both hard and grassed. The Parent Council and local businesses have been very supportive in helping to raise funds to improve the school grounds. Parents, friends and the school’s pupil leadership groups have planted trees, shrubs, bulbs and other plants to enhance the environment. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and at least two PCs available for the curricular use. 


More information is available in our handbook

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