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Diary Dates

Stirling Council School Holiday Dates

Saturday 12th Nov - School Family Walk. Meet at Colzium Estate at 12:30

Sunday 13th Nov - Billie Jean Cup Tennis Finals

Saturday 19th Nov - Glasgow Clan Ice Hockey Event

Friday 2nd  December – School Christmas Fair 6pm – 8pm

Venue  - Strathblane Primary School.

Friday 16th December - Christmas Show

School Lunch Menu

Strathblane Primary School has been on the current site since the mid sixties. The building is set in beautiful countryside with easy access to the natural world for environmental studies projects. Pupils enjoy spacious accommodation with classrooms, general purpose room, and hall with stage and P.E. facilities, separate dining area and a computer suite. Outdoors there are generous playing areas, both hard and grassed. The Parent Council and local businesses have been very supportive in helping to raise funds to improve the school grounds. Parents, friends and the school’s pupil leadership groups have planted trees, shrubs, bulbs and other plants to enhance the environment. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and at least two PCs available for the curricular use. 


More information is available in our handbook

Burns Poetry Competition


All children learned a poem in their classes for the poetry competition. The judges had a really hard time picking first second and third place for each class as they were all so good. We are very grateful to the Strathblane Burns Club for providing very special prizes for the children and judging the competition. Each first place winner got a very lovely book. Here is a picture of all of our winners. The children enjoyed listening to each class recite their poem in an assembly together. 


Glasgow Clan Ice Hockey Game


On Saturday 19th November, 165 children and families from Strathblane Primary School attended a Glasgow Clan Ice Hockey game. The school were given free tickets for everyone. The children danced and sang and shouted all night long! Oran's dancing even featured on the official Clan Instagram when he was dancing with the mascot, Clangus. It worked because the Clan won their second game of the season, beating Coventry 4-1. Thanks everyone for coming along and making it such a fun evening. The children were delighted to see former janitor Mr Bendermacher at the game with us, he was treated like a celebrity. Miss Allen and Mrs McCormick would like the school to come to every game since we have never lost a game that SPS have been at! Long may the good record continue! 

Billie Jean King World Cup Tennis


On Sunday 13th November, a group of children and adults from Strathblane Primary School attended the World cup final. Mrs McCormick and Miss Allen managed to get free tickets by attending tennis training. The children enjoyed the event and sat patiently throughout. Some cheered for Switzerland and some cheered for Australia. In the end Switzerland went on to win. Well done to Jack and Amy who stayed on til the very end and were there for the final celebrations! Mazzy, Phoebe and Maisie met Judy Murray and were excited to get her autograph on their tickets. 

School Family Walk

We had 52 people join  us on the school family walk. We met at Colzium and had a picnic lunch. The children enjoyed running around and playing together. Then we did a 2 mile loop around the estate before finishing off in the park. Thankfully the weather was kind to us and the sun was even shining.  Thank you to all of those who brought their families along on a Saturday afternoon.